All about Amethyst class

Welcome to Amethyst Class
This is our mixed year 3 4 class, together we are hard working, respectful children. Our learning is fun and creative, this term we have been learning about The Stone Age. We are all different and this is great because we learn in different ways and share these experiences with our friends.
In Science we have been learning about light sources, how we are able to see objects because of light and particularly how shadows are created and how they change over the course day.
In Maths we are learning about measurements, including mm, cm, m and km, we are converting and subtracting them also answering word questions.
Our English is always fun, we learn a story then write our own version. This week we have been writing a jungle diary, using first person, exciting language to describe the places we have been, past tense and time conjunctions. We would like to share some of these with you.
Written by Amethyst Class.
Excitedly, this year we have created stone age pictures, these are pictures that were found in caves which were created thousands of years ago. They are mostly pictures of the animals they hunt and simple line drawings of stone age people. We made our own pictures.
In Art I drew a cave painting and a stone age painting. It is fun when I draw and paint I love it is awesome, amazing and astonishing.
 In Topic we have been learning about the Stone Age. We have learned all different facts about how the Stone Age people lived for example, how the made different tools. We learned about the different periods in the Stone Age,  how the Paleolithic, Mesolithic, and Neolithic lived. Archaeologists found evidence to tell us how they lived.
During lockdown we have been learning over Meet and Google Classroom. We learnt a lot about ESafety when we were in school so we felt confident to learn at home.
  • It is really important that you do not share information with anyone online that you would not share with a stranger (for example our address, school or full name)
  • You have to make sure you do not tell anyone your passwords.
  • We tell trusted adults if we find something online that we do not like.
  • It is important that we speak to people online the way we do in the real world.
We use the internet to share information, play games and speak to our friends.

We are a kind year 3 4 class.

We will help you and always have helping hands, we never bully so if you are lonely outside of school we will ask you to play with us and talk.

We learn lots of exciting things. In English we are learning about the jungle log which is a diary. In diaries we use full stops capital letters and most importantly fronted adverbials And some past tense.

We learn in all different fun ways, for example, in Computing we program games using scratch which is so much fun and a really good skill to learn. In addition, in PE we have a kind PE teacher Mr Baxter that teaches us star jumps and while we do that we learn aur spellings to. When we learn French we learn bonjour and that is how you say hello in French and je m’appelle.

When we are learning we have 4 challenges paddling, snorkeling, diving and diving deeper so we can stretch ourselves. 

In are RE we learn about Hinduism. They believe that if we are good and we die we come back as human. If we are bad and we die we come back as an animal.

Every day before we go home we read a book that we have now finished, called Podkin One Ear that is a very exciting adventure book.

We have 2 kind teachers named Mrs Bodnar and Mrs Korniotis and 2 teaching assistants who are called Mrs Kent and Mrs Braybrooke. 

In science we learn about light and sun.

 In music we have a lovely teacher named Mrs Bradley that teaches us sound effects from Wallace and Gromit.


I enjoyed doing the instructions to take a golf shot. I drew pictures to show the people how it should look.
In Maths we have been learning about cm km and mm. We also learn how to calculate the perimeter and the inside of the shape which is called the area. Mrs Bodnar and Mrs Koniotis make our learning so much fun even if it is not supposed to be, they help us when ever we need it so then we can do our best in school and get a good job when we are older.