Welcome to Carnelian Class

Every day in Carnelian Class, we persevere in our work and are determined to develop our learning and understanding of the world around us. Respecting each other, supporting each other and being a welcoming team of friends is what we aim to achieve. We always do our best to be kind, caring and considerate to those around us. Within our class and the wider school, we listen to, help others with their actions and give them support in doing the right thing.
Some people believe that Carnelian restores motivation and stimulates creativity.  It is said to give courage, promote positive life choices and motivate for success.  Reportedly, it sharpens concentration,  calms anger, banishes emotional negativity and replaces it with a love of life. It sounds like a great mineral (sometimes used as a semi-precious gem) to have our class named after!
We have all been working really hard during the Spring Term. Here is a selection of our work from across the curriculum for you to have a look at.
 Keeping Safe Online (e-safety)

How do we keep safe online?

We understand that it is important for us to stay safe online and know that we must not give out any of our personal details. These include

  • full name 
  • address
  • phone number(s)
  • passwords
We know that, in school, any site that could be inappropriate in anyway is blocked. This is the same for some of us at home too. We understand that some search engines offer a 'safe search' option which filters out inappropriate things and makes it safer for kids to use.  We also know that clicking random links and messages from people we do not know is not a wise idea. We understand that when online, we should only 'chat to people who we actually know and are aware we need to ask permission before sharing a picture of anybody online.

How can we report concerns?

Firstly, sites that are not appropriate should be blocked. However, if anything we see or read online makes us feel uncomfortable in any way, we know that the adults in school are here to help.
If this should happen, we know to minimise the screen immediately and then tell an adult straight away.
This is important at home too. The adult can then take responsibility for what happens next. They can block the site, report inappropriate content and do a virus check if necessary.

Our online behaviour
When we are online, we need to remember that what we put online will be online forever. We therefore need to be sure that anything we put online will not cause upset or embarrassment in either the short or long term. This includes to ourselves and to others. We understand that any comments we make should be positive. As one member of Carnelian said,
"You might forget a mean comment you make after a few minutes, but it can stick with the person you make it about for the rest of their life."
Be kind!