Hello from Zircon Class!
Zircon words of wisdom:
"If you believe you can achieve."
"We all work hard collectively to produce outstanding work (students and teachers!)."
Work We Are Proud Of
Technology Safe Tips
  • Keep personal details to yourself including your name, address, age and passwords. Give false information if asked.
  • Don't use your real name as a username.
  • Don't trust strangers (even if you have been talking to them online).
  • Block or report people if they are offensive or inappropriate.
  • Only accept friend requests if you know who they are or have permission from your parents.
  • If you are worried about something alert an adult you trust.
  • Be mindful of scammers and fake news.
  • You could use two-step verification to keep passwords safe.
  • Don't sleep with technology on in your bedroom.
Zircon words of wisdom:
"I feel good as it's a nice place to be."
"I'm happy and safe."
Zircon words of wisdom:
"I am supported by my friends in class."
"We have amazing lessons e.g. PE."
Magnificent Myths