Bushcraft 2019

10th July 2019
Arrived safely in Cuffley and were warmly welcomed by the Bushcraft staff. Currently undergoing the all important safety briefing.
Currently bathed in beautiful sunshine - fingers crossed for the rest of the stay.
Children cooking their own lunches on their own makeshift fires.
The children have been put into their tribes and designed their own flags as you can see.
For our afternoon session, the children have completed a bracelet which they all endeavoured with despite it presenting a challenge for all involved.
Some home made shelters and some brave souls wanting to spend the night out under the stars.
Up at the crack of dawn (literally) this morning to a delicious breakfast of sausages, beans and a hash brown.
Full day of activities planned and I imagine some very tired children. 
Putting those brains to work in a series of problem solving activities.
Some salmon prepared for the evening meal.
The children used knifes carefully to produce their own tent pegs. 
Finally four staff members were successfully rescued from the plane crash.
Woke up at a slightly more humane hour this morning and a lot quieter during the night.
Lovely breakfast of American style pancakes and we are currently investigating how to set a trap.
Bags are all packed ready for the off. Follow later for a departure time and any traffic updates. 
A slight mix up with bags meaning we’ve started off slightly later than we’d want (3:20pm). Hopefully will be with you at 4:30-4:45pm.