Grafham 2017

19th June 2017

Monday 19 June 2017

Day 1 at Grafham Water


Excited, we got on the coach for a very hot journey to Grafham Water.  When we arrived we had a tour of the site and were taken to our bedrooms.  After lunch we went to our first activity:


Group A – we did High Ropes “It was great fun!” Several of the children managed to get all the way to the top…


Group B - we went cycling around the reservoir, it was very hot.  In total we cycled 10 miles and nearly ran out of water.  When we got back we all had a shower under the hose as we cleaned the bikes!


Group D – we did fun boat sailing but there was no wind!  We got towed by the speed boat which was good fun!  Then we had fun capsizing the boats!  At the end we were allowed to swim in the reservoir and soaked Mrs Woodruffe!!


Groups C and E – we did kayaking which was ‘awesome!’ We had to move the kayak with our hands, then we used a paddle and then we did a series of challenges such as capsizing, standing up and paddling.


Tuesday 20 June 2017


Day 2 at Grafham Water


It was very hot last night and we all found it difficult to sleep – the majority of the children were all asleep by midnight!  All was calm until one pupil announced to Miss Gilbert at 2:45am that he couldn’t sleep! 


After a big breakfast the children all got ready for the morning’s activities:


Group A – Fun boat Sailing


Group B – Kayaking:  ‘Kayaking was amazing, fun!’ 


Group C and E – High ropes & Crate Stacking


Group D – Mountain Biking


There is a bit more of a breeze this morning and the children experiencing the sailing are enjoying the additional wind. A bit more sailing done today, rather than being towed! 


Wednesday 21 June 2017

Day 3 at Grafham Water


Yesterday’s afternoon activities were great fun!  There was a good breeze which meant that the children doing the sailing boats were able to go quite a long way which they really enjoyed.  There were several aching legs after the biking round the reservoir.


Last night was a lot cooler, there was a slight breeze blowing from the lake.  All the children were soon fast asleep – they were shattered from doing yesterday’s activities.  I’m afraid we didn’t see the sun rise on the longest day of the year – the majority of the children were fast asleep when we woke them up at 7:00am this morning.


Breakfast was delicious!  A full cooked English breakfast which was enjoyed by all the children.  All the children have just left the centre for their final group activity of their stay.  They join together this afternoon to do a little bit of orienteering.  There is a slight breeze blowing across the reservoir this morning so the children participating in the fun boat sailing will be able to do some sailing. 


We’ll be leaving the centre at 3:30pm today and hope to be arriving back at school by 4:30pm.