How are decisions made about how much support my child will receive?

 (Updated July 2019)

The progress children are making is monitored by class teachers on a regular basis. If children are not making expected progress teachers will discuss their concerns with parents and the SENCO. Interventions or more individualistic programmes will be used to accelerate learning.

Other agencies such as the SEND Specialist Support, Speech and Language Therapists, Educational Psychology may be consulted for further advice.

If, despite receiving additional support and interventions, a child continues to make little progress and advice from outside professionals suggests that the child is in need of further support, the SENCo will apply for an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP). This is a replacement for a Statement of Special Educational Need. If a successful request is made, the EHCP will enable additional funds to be made available to help support the child even further – such as enabling extra support from an adult. If a child with an EHCP requires specific equipment to enable them to learn more effectively, further requests for this can be made to the Statutory Assessment Team and if agreed, funding will be provided to enable this to be purchased. Currently there are four children at Sutton School who have an EHC Plan.