How are my child's wishes and feelings listened to?

(Updated July 2019)
At the beginning of each year every child in the school completes a pupil passport which is updated throughout the year. This sets out their likes and dislikes and what a good and bad day would look like for them in school. The pupil passport is one of the ways children contribute to their own provision by helping to suggest strategies that they feel would help them socially, emotionally and academically. This is then referred to by all adults in the school and updated where necessary.
Children are always welcome and invited to attend meetings regarding their education where appropriate and we always endeavor to listen to their opinions.  In key stage 2 we would encourage them to attend parents evening. Where appropriate any plans and reports are shared with them and children are actively encouraged to contribute to them.
When either home or school identify that a child is struggling with something we give them an adult to talk to. During this time we encourage them to discuss their wishes and feelings.  Where possible we give them an adult to 'touch base' with until their worries are resolved.