How does the school know if pupils need extra help?

(Updated July 2019) 

All pupils at Sutton CE (VC) Primary School are regularly assessed both formally (through assessments like SATs, PM Benchmark Reading assessment) and informally (through teacher and teaching assistant observations, conversations with children and the marking of work done in lessons). These assessments help to build up a picture of the progress that each child is making. Each term meetings are held between the Key Stage teams, Headteacher and the SENCo. At these meetings the progress being made by each child is discussed, with a focus on those making less progress than expected. Ways to support the learning of these children are then investigated and later implemented.

If a child’s lack of progress is a concern, the class teacher will always inform the child’s parent/carer and when appropriate the child themselves, discussing how the school aims to provide additional support or intervention and how parents/carers can help at home.

The school breaks down provision for all pupils into 4 waves so that progress and provision can be monitored. You will be informed which wave of provision your child is on during Parents Evening meetings.