How will my child be included in activities outside of the classroom?

 (Updated July 2019)

At Sutton School we like all of our children to take part in as much as the curriculum as practicably possible. This means that at times adaptations or specialist provision may need to be made.

This extends to going on school trips; children with a specific Special Educational Need or a disability may need additional adults to accompany them or to be provided with separate transport to the coach on which the rest of the class are travelling. If it is possible to accommodate the necessary adaptations or provision, then we are prepared to do so to enable the child concerned to participate along with their peers.

We have recently adapted our lunchtimes to include the option of some more structured activities and to give all children the chance to have a go at a range of activities. We have a regular sports coach in who runs inclusive activities for all to join in with. Children are also encouraged to think of and help run their own lunchtime clubs. The library is often opened at lunchtimes to give children a calm space to be in.