How will the curriculum be matched to my child's needs?

 (July 2019)
  •        Classrooms have visual timetables informing the children of the day’s activities.
  •        Learning is differentiated to meet the needs of each child.
  •        Questions are targeted to the needs of the child.
  •        Teachers are provided with information about the needs of individual pupils so that they can plan thelearning within the curriculum to ensure that all pupils are able to make progress.
  •        Visual prompts are used to support short term memory.
  •        Information is chunked to support short term memory.
  •        Extra time is allocated for poor working memory.
  •        Interventions are planned to boost specific skills
  •        Individualised targets
  •        We provide children who need aids for concentration with fiddle toys, kick bands, wobble cushions etc
  •         We  act on Occupational Therapy advice to provide pencil grips and writing slopes where necessary.
  •        All children have access to the peaceful place and if necessary Celestine room for sensory breaks.