How will the school support my child in starting school and moving on?

(updated July 2019)

Points of transition such as starting in the Foundation Class, moving into a new class or Key Stage or leaving Year 6 to go onto secondary school, can be emotional or difficult times for any child. However this can be particularly hard for children with a Special Educational Need.

We invite parents/carers of children with a Special Educational Need who are due to start Foundation to transition meetings in the Summer Term before they  start school, asking about their concerns and how they feel their child can be best supported. At this meeting, the parents will meet with the SENCo and other members of school staff. If necessary, the child can make additional short visits to help familiarise them with the school. At this time, photographs can be taken to be used in a transition booklet for the child to look at during the summer holidays.

Additional support for those children who find changing from one class to another difficult will be made during the Summer Term. Again this will be in the form of transition booklets and additional visits into the new classroom to familiarise the child with the classroom layout and the new teacher.

When children move onto secondary school, staff at Sutton CE (VC) Primary School meet with the new school’s SENCo, carefully explaining any areas in which a child with Special Educational Needs may need additional support, along with how they have been supported during primary school. Children may be supported through additional visits to the secondary school.