School Aims

“live well, laugh together, learn forever”

Our vision statement:

We seek to serve the local and wider community by offering a broad curriculum and education of the highest quality within a happy, safe, secure and stimulating environment, which enables each child to experience success.


Our aims:


We will stimulate curiosity and excitement about the world we live in. 

We will provide a caring community, arising from a strong Christian ethos, as a basis for respect and compassion for others.
 We will nurture a confident and positive attitude to learning, ensuring high achievement for all.
 We will encourage self-awareness, alongside the importance of responsible co-operation as part of a wider community.
 We will provide opportunities for all to recognise their strengths and achieve their best.


How will we do this?


Our values are encapsulated in our Golden Rules:


We always tell the truth

We have kind hands, feet and mouth

We look after all the equipment

We share resources and take turns

We always stay safe in school

We always listen carefully

We always try our best


At the school we work together towards our vision and values in the following ways:


Our pupils, with the support of parents and carers:


Uphold the Golden Rules.


Are honest and trustworthy.


Aim high, try their best and learn from their mistakes.


Encourage and help each other when appropriate.


Respect and value others opinions and beliefs.


Our staff:


Promote and uphold the Golden Rules.


Provide a stimulating, diverse and exciting curriculum that ensures that all children have equal access to learning.


Provide a safe intellectual and physical environment for all, where pupils and staff know their ideas and opinions will be welcomed and respected.


Nurture the children to maintain a confident attitude to learning, where individual and group achievements are celebrated, a positive self-image is promoted and pride in and commitment to the school are important.


Provide supportive challenge in all skills and activities, encouraging pupils to try their best, across all learning styles and interests.


Remain committed to high-quality continual professional development to develop their own skill set and those across the whole school.


Support the children for their next steps in life by helping them develop social, emotional and behavioural skills, including independence, self-belief and confidence.  

Ensure pupils’ spiritual wellbeing and development through acts of worship, a strong Religious Education curriculum and opportunities for growth of wisdom, personal reflection and examination of belief.


Our governors:


Work closely alongside the school in order to ensure the pupils and staff can achieve their aims.


Determine, monitor and keep under review the school’s strategic priorities.


Undertake appropriate training to ensure they can be as effective as possible.


Are committed to devoting the time and energy necessary to carry out their duties.


Seek to understand the school to the best of their abilities through meetings, visits to the school, discussion with staff and by taking responsibility individually for links to specific activities.


Build strong working relationships with each other, the school, parents and the local community.