Tanzanite Class

Mrs Jeeves and Mrs Gates would like to extend a warm welcome to those visiting

Tanzanite’s Year 6 information page.

This is your one stop location for all the information you need about what is happening in Tanzanite class.


Homework will be set on a half termly basis in the form of a ‘Homework Menu’. This will be a set of 9-12 project based activities from which the children can choose. The children create the ideas for the menu, based on learning that is to be taking place within class. We hope, therefore, that there is at least a couple of projects that will really appeal to each child’s interests.

The children then have the whole half-term to complete 2 projects of their choice before returning them to school, when they are completed, before the next holiday. All projects will be shared and displayed in class. If your child chooses to complete more projects, that is great. But absolutely no pressure if not!


Spellings will be set on a Monday and the children will be tested on these words on the following Monday. The way in which the children choose to practise their spellings is up to them. There is no expectation for them to write their words out in their homework book each week, but if they choose to, this is fine too.

There is a list of different ways spellings could be practised inside the front cover of each child’s homework book.


We would like the children to read every day. Sometimes the children get time in class to read just after lunch but this isn't always the case.  If you could encourage your child to spend some time reading at home, it can have a really positive impact on their writing too. Overtime, the vocabulary and grammatical structures they encounter whilst reading begin to be transferred to their writing. Please can you ensure that your child records their reading in their Reading Record as this allows the teachers to see what they are reading. Your child does not have to read a school reading book, but can choose any age appropriate reading material. If you would like any advice about this, please see your child's class teacher.


PE for Tanzanite is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Indoor and outdoor PE alternate so it would be great if the children can have their full PE kit in school on these days. If at all possible, it’s even better if it can be left in school for a whole half term before being taken home for a little freshen up.

PE Kits

Please ensure that your child has a full change of PE kit in school.

For indoor PE: shorts and a t-shirt (no football shirts please)

For outdoor PE: shorts (Summer), jogging trousers (Winter), a T-shirt (no football shirts please), a jumper (separate to their school jumper) and a change of footwear, including fresh socks just in case outdoor PE is wet.

Following policy, we are unable to have ear tape on pierced ears. Therefore, if your child is able to remove any earrings before coming to school on PE days, that is ideal. If not, they either need to be able to take out their own earrings or will be unable to participate in the lesson on that day.

We also do the ‘Golden Mile’ on as many days as possible each week. The children can choose to run or walk this. It is done entirely at their own pace. However, having a pair of trainers in school to change into for this is very useful as it stops school schools getting muddy and ensures that the footwear is suitable for running in.