The school works through a two year rolling cycle where the children across Years 1-2, Year 3-4 and Years 5-6 will experience the same curriculum. This enables us to cover all of the National Curriculum objectives and ensure that the children will experience a range of different topics throughout their time at Sutton Primary School.



Throughout Key Stage 2, the children - within reason - experience a certain amount of chronology where the children within Year 3-4 complete the topics that happened longer ago (Ancient Egypt) than Year 5-6 who study the more recent recommended topics (Tudor Exploration, World War II). With the two year rolling programme this can't always be the case but we hope that the children within upper Key Stage 2 can begin to place events and understand that World War II happened after the The Shang Dynasty.


These main humanities topics tend to underpin the rest of the curriculum as we believe that the children will become engaged with the topic and therefore apply knowledge they have found out to other aspects of their work. This will hopefully make for a more profound learning experience for the children.


These topics are not linked and we understand that teaching some subjects, for example, Science, need to be taught discretely, and any links with the topic are touched upon accidentally rather than forced.


Each year group will try to include a visit or visitor to further motivate and engage the children at the start of the topic or midway to reignite the children's curiosity.


Maths and Literacy tend to be taught in the mornings and they are usually linked to the topic as well so to further impact on the child's learning journey.


The topics we are covering this current academic year (2017-2018) are


Foundation Stage / Year 1

 Autumn Term - All About Me / Celebrations

Spring Term - Space / Amazing Machines

Summer Term - Fairy Tales / Animals


Year 2

 Autumn Term - We are Britain

Spring Term - Houses & Homes

Summer Term - Animals


Year 3 / 4

Autumn Term - Fen Detectives

Spring Term - Romans

Summer Term - Ancient Egypt


Year 5 / 6

Autumn Term - Maya

Spring Term - Fen Detectives

Summer Term - Shang Dynasty


Please find below the Topic Maps for the current term.


If there are any queries regarding the curriculum, please contact Mr Smith.