The Big Pedal 2017

20th March 2017
The Big Pedal
A big thank you to all of the support today for The Big Pedal. It was nice to see so many people coming on two wheels.
Although I still think we could do better...
Keep posted to see what position we are in after the first day.
Just a little note to say after the first day we're 82nd (and 15th in the East of England region)
This is out of nearly 1500 schools so we're doing a fantastic job. Let's maintain that all the way through this week.
Two days in and our position has improved...
We're now 73rd across all the schools and 15th in the East of England region! Remember there are over 1500 schools registered.
Fantastic job!
What a great end to the week!
We're currently 69th in the whole of the UK and 13th in the East of England.
All of the support this week has been fantastic, lets keep it up next week to see if we can break the top 50!
Unfortunately after Monday's results, our position has dipped slightly nationally (to 95th) but to still be in the top 100 is a fantastic effort and we're 15th in the East of England.
Over the last 7 days we, as a school community, have made 1079 journeys which means on average each child has made 3 journeys. 
If that isn't you yet, can you scoot or bike to school over the next three days to boost our average?
Let's have a real big push for the last three days!
We're now teetering on the edge of the top 100 (97th) although we've remained consistent within the East of England where we're currently 16th.
With positive results today, I hold out big hope for a position improving over night.