Message from The Governors

Dear Parents and Carers

We are honoured to be the Chair and Vice Chair for Sutton in the Isle Primary School and look forward to meeting many of you at school events.  Both of us are keen to enable the children at this school to make the best progress appropriate for each individual while acknowledging that everyone has different gifts and interests. Sue and Hilary are both ex-teachers and, in fact, Sue was a Headteacher in London before her ‘retirement’. Since then Sue has continued to be involved in education as Chair of Townley Primary School and now as Vice Chair at Sutton. As you can see, we both have a wealth of experience working in schools and are determined that adults and children alike should thrive in this environment.

We support the Head and the staff in all that they do to move the children on to greater heights academically and in developing those areas that may not contribute directly towards the data, but do enrich the children’s lives and personal development. We encourage all parents to express their positive appreciation verbally and by supporting the efforts of Friends Of Sutton School who work so hard for the benefit of all your children.

If you wish to contact us directly our contact details are Chair@sutton.cambs.sch.uk

Best wishes from

Hilary Sanderson and Sue Rudge


While Governors are responsible for monitoring the progress of the Annual School Improvement Plan, we must also ensure that we follow the main purposes of Governance as set out by the DfE. All Governing Bodies have three core functions which are listed below.

Our actions to fulfil these three key functions for the academic year are summarised below. With the current lock-down in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is likely that many of these priorities will continue into the next academic year.