Our Curriculum


As a school we recognise the commitments parents and children have out of school hours; from family commitments to clubs and activities. For this reason we have sought to tailor our homelearning provision to ensure it doesn't create unnecessary anxiety in the family home but does target key skills that children can access with increasing levels of independence and support their learning in school. Our homelearning tasks specifically target the following:

Reading frequently (4 reads a week minimum) to develop fluency, comprehension and overall love of reading.

Times tables to develop pupils ability to rapidly recall facts and develop mathematical fluency to access higher level Maths skills.

Spellings focussed upon key words linked to the National Curriculum and class topics. Spelling competency supports writing fluency and is a determining consideration when assessing whether a child is working at age related expectations.

It is because of this, that we must insist homelearning tasks are completed each week. We will be upholding these expectations and children will have to complete these tasks in school if they have not been completed at home as we seek to ensure our pupils make strong progress and fulfil their potential.

To support families in planning for homelearning, the Department for Education have recommended the following times are dedicated to homelearning each week:

Year 1 & 2 : 60 minutes per week

Year 3 & 4 : 90 minutes per week

Year 5 & 6 : 30 minutes per day

If for any reason you are experiencing difficulties with accessing or completing homelearning tasks, please do contact your child’s class teacher who will be happy to support you and your child in finding a solution.

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