Attendance & Punctuality

Good attendance and punctuality helps the children to settle in school and not miss out on vital learning and social experiences. Children with poor attendance can fall behind and catching up can be tricky. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure that there is good attendance. The senior leadership team monitor attendance and will contact parents should they become concerned.

Children need to be in school everyday unless ill or there are exceptional circumstances. We expect every child to have a minimum attendance of 96%.

Our statutory school week for pupils consists of 6.5 hours per day and 32.5 hours per week.

Doors open at 8.45am so please be ready to come in at that time. Parents should bring their child round to the classroom door and wait with them until the teacher opens the door. Registers close at 8.55. After that children will need to go via the office and will receive a late mark.

School finishes at 3.05pm for Foundation & Key Stage 1 and 3:10pm for Key Stgae 2 each day and parents should collect from the classroom door.

If your child is ill, you must call the school office to let them know that your child is ill and what symptoms they have and when you expect them to return.

Appointments for dentists/ opticians/ doctors etc should, wherever possible, be made out of school hours. If this is not possible the child should come to school beforehand and should be returned to school as soon as possible afterwards. Where appointments are booked, parents must inform the office.

Holidays during term will not be authorised and could result in parental fines.

The school day for all children starts at 8.45am. The end of the school day is staggered depending upon the Key Stage; 3:10pm for Reception and Key Stage 1 and 3.15pm for Key Stage 2 children.

To ensure fair access to school resources and facilities, timetables have also be staggered to minimise loss of valuable learning time.

Children must be in class by 8.55am each day. Pupils arriving after 8.55am are late and will be marked accordingly in the register.  Please ensure your child comes to school on time. Pupils who are late should report to the school office.

If you bring your child to school by car, we would ask you to note and respect the parking restrictions around the school site. Please help us to keep our children and families safe by driving slowly in the streets by the school and be aware that children and adults may be crossing the road. You are welcome to park in the Brooklands car park. This will help to reduce congestion.
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