At Sutton Primary we aim to offer our pupils rich and exciting learning opportunities in mathematics that will nurture them to achieve and develop, and inspire them to do their very best. We want our children to leave us as confident mathematicians, equipped with the knowledge and skills they need to help them thrive in the real world and to empower their future studies.

We believe that mathematics should be a fun, enjoyable and exciting subject with lots of hands on experiences that make mathematics relevant to the outside world. Through the use of concrete, visual and abstract methods we aim to make mathematics achievable and accessible to everyone.

We develop a positive attitude to mathematics through language, experiences and enthusiastic teaching. We have high expectations of presentation, learning and outcomes with clear cross curricular links.

We offer a rich mathematics curriculum that inspires, nurtures and empowers children to collaborate, achieve and belong and fully prepares them for the real world.
Times tables form a valuable foundation of understanding in both mental arithmetic and are at the base of many other mathematical concepts. When children have learnt and retained their times tables, they are able to apply this knowledge with a greater confidence to a variety of areas of Mathematics. Therefore, they will be able to extend their knowledge and understanding further. At Sutton, we believe in providing a variety of approaches including verbal, visual, interactive and rote learning as well as the use of technology to embed the full times table knowledge by the time the children enter Year 5.
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