What does MFL look like at Sutton?

Primary Languages
The Government set a target that all children in Key Stage 2 should be learning a Foreign Language by 2014. In year 3, children are introduced to French in a weekly lesson with their class teacher. The vocabulary and phrases are practised throughout the week. In year 4, children continue to develop their confidence in French.

In years 5 and 6, the children change to Spanish for their weekly language lesson. This ensures that they have a basic grounding in two languages which enables them to make a decision about which option to take at secondary school. We also build on the language learned in previous years and look for common roots in French, Spanish and English. 

Having exposure to learning two new languages will enhances the children’s language acquisition skills, knowledge of the etymological root of shared vocabulary and will also allow them to make a more informed choice when choosing which language to study at secondary school. 

Throughout the school, we celebrate our language learning and investigations into other countries and cultures through assemblies, displays and theme days. 




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