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Tokyo Celebration!
As part of Aldi's Get Set Tokyo initiative to celebrate the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, we celebrated with a really exciting day, finding out about Japan. We all had a yoga lesson all the way from Japan and individual classes were been busy learning to count to ten, writing haikus, doing Japanese multiplication, drawing animated characters, joining in with the Radio Taiso exercises, writing Japanese symbols, learning the Japanese national anthem, making headbands, learning about the Japanese flag and much, much more!
We have put together this video so you can see some of the ways that we celebrated.
A big thank you to the kitchen who prepared a special Japanese lunch, it was delicious!
If your child is inspired to find out more about Japan, please do send work in on Google Classroom so we can include it in our celebration displays.
Get Set Tokyo home activities 
If you are inspired by our work in Japan, why not have a go at one of the activities below?
Following our arrival in Tokyo, we are celebrating by learning some more about Japan. 

You could do your own mini-project relating to Japan. This could be presented as a PowerPoint, a video, a piece of art - however you like!

Some ideas to get you started:

  • Japanese geography - islands, volcanoes and earthquakes

  • Japanese writing - how would your name be written?

  • Counting or learning some important phrases

  • Origami

  • Sakura (cherry blossom)

  • Drawing or creating a story, think about Pokemon, Manga or Kawaii

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