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We are pleased to share with you our most recent SIAMS report, which is attached below.  It recognises many positives and demonstrates the positive impact that our improvement work is having across the school, stating: “Senior leaders have worked hard to bring about significant improvement.”  We too feel that Staffing is now stable and as a result the school has a firm foundation to improve rapidly” and look forward to building on this as we continue on our journey, further embedding initiatives and implementing further changes in a sustainable way.


Chris Allen, an experienced SIAMS Inspector, as well as fellow Church Headteacher really understood the journey that we are on as a school, but most importantly, he recognised the progress that we have made over the last ten months - especially the improvements made since our Ofsted Inspection seven months ago, particularly in terms of developing the vision and values that are the cornerstone of the improvement of any organisation:


“Shoots demonstrating the positive impact of the vision are appearing and this is enabling everyone to begin to flourish…”


“The core values, explored daily in collective worship, drive the vision and have had a positive impact on relationships in the school.”


Due to legislation, a school cannot be judged as any grade above that of its previous Ofsted Inspection for twelve months; therefore our overall judgement remains Requiring Improvement overall, however in his report he highlights the strong improvements made so far. 


We were particularly pleased with comments about the impact of Collective Worship, which gained it’s own standalone judgement of Good - recognising the work that has gone in to making thisa special time when the whole school community comes together.”


The inspector felt that “There is a true sense that worship is transformational…”


The report also recognises that there are many strengths in terms of the pastoral work of the school.


“The individual child is celebrated through displays and photographs around the school.

“Pupils are treated with dignity and respect no matter their needs.

“Difference and diversity are celebrated; everyone receives a warm welcome and, as a result, pupils are growing in

confidence as unique in the eyes of God”

'Parents speak highly of every child being understood by the staff. Pupils also know this; ‘we are not straight lines, we all have a wiggle’.


Our last full inspection was in March 2019 where inspectors recognised the early signs of improvement but judged the school as Requiring Improvement overall.  
Leaders have since developed robust action plans that set out how key areas for improvement will be addressed rapidly and we are pleased that improvement initiatives are bearing fruit and the school is improving as a result.
Since the full inspection, the school has received a remote Ofsted visit in December 2020 under section 8 of the Education Act (as amended) to look at the school's actions since September 2020.  You will find a letter from Ofsted below, that demonstrates the progress being made by the school and which demonstrates the direction the school is moving in.
Please see the relevant downloads below:

This is the web address to follow to go to the report on the Ofsted website.




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